list of publications



BERLIOZ, HECTOR   Les Troyens.  Lyric Poem in Two Parts.

            Libretto by the composer.  Note:  This is a reprint of the original edition of 1863.  It presents the opera as Berlioz authorized it for publication;

            without cuts.  The piano arrangement is Berlioz' own.  The score of each of the two parts is available individually as follows:


            Part I:   La prise de Troie, Opera in Three Acts.  Vocal score:   $40.00


            Part II:  Les Troyens á Carthage, Opera in a Prologue and Five Acts.  Vocal score:  $40.00


            Please see our article on this publication.


CARYLL, IVAN    The Pink Lady.  Musical Comedy in Three Acts.

            Book & Lyrics by C. M. S. Mc Lellan.  Note:  This delightful musical comedy was the smash hit of 1911, and the song "The Kiss Waltz"       

            is still heard occasionally.

                    Vocal score:    $30.00


CROOK, JOHN    Peter Pan; or, The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up.  Fantasy in Five Acts.

            Book & Lyrics by Sir J. M. Barrie.  Note:  This is the original musical score to accompany Barrie's famous fantasy.  The play, when                

            performed today, is frequently done without music or with other more recent scores.  In fact, this original score by Crook is an integral part of

            the drama and Barrie never intended for the play to be performed without it.

                     Vocal score:    $20.00    (Available in U. S. only)  


GERMAN, SIR EDWARD    Fallen Fairies; or, The Wicked World.  Opera in Two Acts.

            Book & Lyrics by Sir W. S. Gilbert.  Note:  This opera was the last written by Gilbert, as well as the last composed by German.

                     Vocal score:    $35.00  


HERBERT, VICTOR   Babes in Toyland.  Musical Extravaganza in a Prologue and Three Acts.

            Book & Lyrics by Glen Mac Donough.  Note:  This is the complete original version of this famous show, currently available only from us.

                     Vocal Score:    $35.00        Libretto:    $20.00


HERBERT, VICTOR  It Happened in Nordland.  Musical Comedy in a Prologue and Two Acts.

            Book & Lyrics by Glen Mac Donough.

                    Vocal Score:    $35.00


HERBERT, VICTOR  The Princess Pat.  Comic Opera in Three Acts.

            Book & Lyrics by Henry Blossom.

                     Vocal Score:    $35.00


HERBERT, VICTOR  Wonderland.  Musical Extravaganza in Three Acts.

            Book & Lyrics by Glen Mac Donough.

                    Vocal Score:    $35.00


HOLST, GUSTAV    The Idea.  Humorous Operetta for Children in Two Acts.

            Book & Lyrics by Fritz B. Hart.  Note:  This relatively early work by Holst is one of his few essays into light comic opera.  The vocal score    

            includes the spoken dialogue.

                      Vocal score:    $15.00


HUMPERDINCK, ENGELBERT  Dornröschen.  Opera in a Prelude and Three Acts.

            Libretto by E. B. Ebeling-Filhès.  Note:  This is Humperdinck's setting of the story of "Sleeping Beauty," composed in 1902.

                    Vocal Score:    $35.00


HUMPERDINCK, ENGELBERT   Königskinder.  Opera in Three Acts.

            Libretto by Ernst Rosmer (Elsa Bernstein Porges).  Note:  Humperdinck, while better known for his earlier masterwork "Hänsel und Gretel,"

            considered "Königskinder" to be his finest achievement.  When premiered by the Metropolitan Opera in 1910, "Königskinder" was hailed

            as the greatest opera since Wagner's "Parsifal," written nearly thirty years earlier.

                    Vocal score:    $45.00


SULLIVAN, ARTHUR    Ivanhoe.  Romantic Opera in Three Acts.

            Libretto by Julian Sturgis.  Note:  This is Sullivan's only through-sung grand opera, first performed in 1891.  It was a critical and popular

            success but a financial failure due to the expense of the production.

                       Vocal Score:    $40.00        Libretto:    $7.00




America's Ethnic Music by Theodore C. Grame. 2nd edition, 2003.  (Illustrations, bibliography).

            "...A fine general survey, especially valuable for the music of non English-speaking European immigrants." --Carl Kaukonen, in The

            Garland Encyclopedia of World Music.

                      Price:  $30.00




Peter Pan; or, The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up.  Fantasy in Five Acts.  Book & Lyrics by J. M. Barrie, Music by John Crook. 

            Performed by the Century Opera.  Note:  This is the first ever recording of the complete original musical play, first presented in 1904-05. 

            The beautiful three-disc set includes all the dialogue and music and features excellent acting, singing, and instrumental music.  The roles are

            performed by actors of appropriate ages, with children taking many of the leads.

                       Complete three-CD set:    $27.00


The Wizard of Oz.  Musical Extravaganza in Three Acts.  Book & Lyrics by L. Frank Baum, Music by Paul Tietjens. 

            Performed by the Century Opera.  Note:  This is the first ever recording of the original 1902-03 Broadway show, not to be confused with the

            1939 movie version.  Performed by a small cast, this recording contains all of the surviving music by composer Paul Tietjens.  The spoken

            dialogue is not included.  The album includes notes by Baum scholar Stephen J. Teller.

                        Complete on 1 CD:    $17.00